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After a five year hiatous, The Dalton Little Theatre is proud to announce and host the return of the Firehouse Film Festival(FFF)! Produced in partnership with Cindicate Productions and curated by Christopher Flippo and Geoff James, the 2018 FFF will be producing a A Night of Short Films, featuring the following:

“Taxes are a Bitch When You’re an Actor…” – By Audrey Moore

“A Fistful of Pistols” – By Minty Pineapple

“High Fructose Suicide Booth” – By Alex Lukens

“Rhythm and Color” – By IQ Flicks

“Get the Van Running” – By Cindicate Productions

“Say Hello” – By Spencer Howard

“Braised” – By Spencer Howard

“De Bonheur” – By Kaiser Bay Productions

“Blurred Lines” – By Alex Askew

“Tobacco Boy” – By Griffin Stover

“Flick #20” -By Zachary Lee Ratchford

These shorts were all produced in Georgia and feature both proffesional and up-and-coming filmmakers. The aproximate, combined running time for these films is 1 hour and 40 minutes; they will be shown in one time block, one after the other.

Please note that this screening contains some adult language and mature themes.

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