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Join Arcus Gaming on Saturday, October 24th from 4-7PM for Escape from Zombie Island, featuring Anthony Hunter as Game Master.

It’s 1955, you and your companions are the survivors of a plane crash on a small Caribbean island.
Before you crashed, the pilot mentioned that he saw lights on the northern side of the island.
Can you and your companions survive the swamp and hopefully find escape from the island?
One shot survival/light horror game using the 2d6 OGL rules as presented in the Cepheus System, specifically the ultra-light version Cepheus Quantum by Omer Joel of Stellagama Games.
Pregenerated Characters will be provided. I can handle up to ten players as it is an extremely light and easy system.
All you need is 2d6 and a pencil, everything else will be provided.

Social Distancing – we understand that times are strange and we will take every precaution to make sure the Gaming Community is safe. Two to three tables will be used to provide enough space between players. Please wear a mask if possible or purchase one of our very cool Game and Fantasy themed masks in store. Hand sanitizer will be used. We also ask that you bring your own Dice set or purchase one in store before game time. If you are feeling sick, running a fever or have symptoms related to COVID-19 PLEASE stay at home. Let’s ALL do our part to keep our community safe

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