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The Dalton Little Theatre is excited to announce a screening of “Down and Yonder,” following its March 4, 2018 premire in Chattanooga. “Down and Yonder” was written and directed by Chris Flippo and produced by Cindicate Productions (Flippo, Benson Greene, and Geoff James).

Set and principally shot in North Georgia, “Down and Yonder” is a story about two friends having a belated coming-of-age in their mid-twenties. When one of them becomes convinced to move away, they both begin to examine their futures. The film is about a friendship that becomes tested by time and distance, and it is ultimately a love letter to growing up in a small, Southern town.

This screening is open to the public and will have a $5 general admission fee: a portion of the fee will be going back to Cindicate Productions to help off-set the cost of film festival entries.

To purchase tickets, please visit the Dalton Little Theatre website at http://www.daltonlittletheatre.com/

The screening will begin at 7:30 PM with the house opening at 7:00 PM. Concessions will be available for purchase, before the screening.

For additional information, visit the film’s IMDB page for more information.  

Please note: “Down and Yonder” contains some adult language.

If you’ve any questions, please message the Dalton Little Theatre on Facebook or email us at dlt@optilink.us.

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