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Warhammer players, on March 27th ALL HELL breaks loose at Arcus Gaming!
4 tables, 8 teams, 16 players AT ONE TIME! Join us for Warhammer Doubles play from 2-10pm. Bring a friend to play with or be placed with someone random.
RULES: Doubles play match.
– Just for fun. Not a tournament.
– 500 point armies each.
– Partners selected at random unless you bring a friend.
– Can facilitate up to 16 players at one time.
Come have some fun!

IMPORTANT: (Please Note)
Social Distancing – At Arcus Gaming we will take every precaution to make sure the Gaming Community is safe. Two to three tables will be used to provide enough space between players. It is now required to wear a mask in store and while playing games. If you do not have a mask we will provide one for you or you can purchase one of our very cool Game and Fantasy themed masks in store. Temperature checks will also be conducted before game play. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the store. We also ask that you bring your own Dice set or purchase one in store before game time. If you are feeling sick, running a fever or have symptoms related to COVID-19 PLEASE stay at home and get better. Let’s ALL do our part to keep our community safe. We thank you for your consideration.

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