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Battleaxes & Beasties – Beyond Zarteth

Adventurers Wanted – looking for up to 6 players for this RPG game. Adventurers are set to take off on Saturday, October 10th at 3PM.
Battleaxes & Beasties – Beyond Zarteth

Set outside the Borderlands of Zarteth, the default setting for the Battleaxes & Beasties game, this will be a game of Exploration and Adventure.
The Adventurers are initially hired as escorts for an Imperial Herald on a diplomatic mission to the exotic land of Zardoz.
An Old School based d20 game, B&B also incorporates newer game design ideas. The emphasis is on fun, camaraderie, and Adventure!
RSVP by messaging Arcus Gaming on our facebook page. You can also email us at store@arcusgaming.com.

Social Distancing – we understand that times are strange and we will take every precaution to make sure the Gaming Community is safe. Two to three tables will be used to provide enough space between players. Please wear a mask if possible or purchase one of our very cool Game and Fantasy themed masks in store. Hand sanitizer will be used. We also ask that you bring your own Dice set or purchase one in store before game time. If you are feeling sick, running a fever or have symptoms related to COVID-19 PLEASE stay at home. Let’s ALL do our part to keep our community safe!

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