To help serve the Dalton-Whitfield community during the current uncertainty with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the Dalton Convention & Visitors Bureau will be operating as an information source for both visitors and residents alike.

The Downtown Visitor Information Center at the historic freight depot will answer calls and reply to emails requesting information for hotels, restaurants with modified business models and news from our health facilities. We will be updating our social media sites, our website and answering calls from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday, to keep you updated. Be sure to stay safe and healthy.

  • PHONE: (706) 270-9960
  • EMAIL: 




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  • Local Updates
    • Governor Kemp Closes Schools and Issues State-Wide Shelter-In-Place Order
    • Whitfield County Board of Commissioners Live Stream
    • City of Datlon City Hall Livestreams
  • Healthcare
    • COVID-19 Hotline
    • Health Department Drive-Through Testing
    • Protective DIY Mask Info & Pattern (CDC)
    • Hamilton Healthcare Systems
      • Urgent Care Facilities
  • Community
    • City of Dalton
      • Shelter-In-Place
    • Whitfield County Board of Commisioners
      • Message from Whitfield County Emergency Management
      • Resolutions to the Emergency Order
        • Livestream 4/1/20
        • Livestream 4/9/20
      • Presidential Preference & Primary Voting Postponed
    • Hand Sanitizer| The Dalton Distillery
    • Dalton Parks & Rec
      • Playgrounds Closed
      • Hand Sanitizer
    • Live Entertainment Updates
      • WoodSongs Dalton – QuaranTunes@Noon (Fridays in April)
  • Restaurants
    • Dalton Food Runners
    • Delivery & Pick-up



  • 4/15/20
    • The IRS has updated their Economic Impact Payments page to check the status of your relief payment at
  • 4/14/20
    • Whitfield County Board of Commissioners Livestream
        • The date of the Presidential Preference and Primary Election voting has been changed to June 9. The deadline for registration is May 11,  and early voting will take place from May 18 to June 5.
  • 4/13/20
    • The IRS will begin sending  stimulus money according to the nationwide Economic Impact Payments aid starting this week  beginning with direct deposits for those who have filed taxes for 2019. The IRS will continue sending aid to those receiving Social Security, so for information regarding the Economic Impact Payments please see the IRS Economic Impact Payments Help Center here [LINK].
      • If you are a NON-FILER who needs to provide payment information or need to check on the status of your payment, please visit
        • NOTE: At the time of this update, the site to check on Economic Impact Payments for those who have filed taxes for 2019 is still under construction. Please check back, and we will provide updates for when when this site is available.
    • Updates from the Governor’s office.
      • GA Governor Brian Kemp has issued an additional state of emergency regarding the tornadoes and thunder storms over the weekend, designating additional emergency workers  to handle the situation.
      • The Governor has contracted additional resources for the GA Department of Health,  Georgia World Congress Center, Georgia National Guard and additional resources for COVID-19 Coronavirus testing.
  • 4/10/20
    • The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners has postponed voting for the Presidential Preference and General Primary elections until Tuesday, June 19, 2020.
    • The Whitfield County Health Department has opened drive-through COVID-19 testing. This is available ONLY for those exhibiting symptoms. Please call ahead to inform them before arriving at 1-8888811474.
    • Whitfield County will be regularly posting updates regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus from their new Instagram account (@WhitfieldCountyGA).
    • Whitfield County Commissioners Livestream – 4/9/20
  • 4/9/20
    • GA Governor Brian Kemp has extended the state of emergency regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus to May 13, 2020 and has extended the state-wide Shelter-In-Place order to April 30, 2020.
    • The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners will be holding a live public conference call today, April 9, 2020 at 5:00 PM to update on Primary Elections and to give an update on Governor Kemp’s extension of the emergency order. You can watch the meeting through or at this link:
    • The CDC has recommended that all persons where a form of cloth protective mask when in public or some form of mouth covering in addition to maintaining a distance of at least six (6) feet from others when physically possible. This is to limit the spread of particles passed by mouth. 
      • NOTE: In order to ensure that there is enough Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE) available, it is highly discouraged for the general public to use the N95 style of facial mask so it can be used for medical personel. The CDC has released a pattern for homemade protective masks that is a protective and preventantive solution for the general public. There is a downloadable file with said pattern available on the CDC website or at the following link :
  • 4/3/20
    • GA Governor Brian Kemp has ordered a state-wide Shelter-In-Place Order effective from 6:oo PM on April 3, 2020 to April 13, 2020.
  • 4/1/20
  • 3/30/20
    • The Whitehouse has extended the President’s social distancing recommendations to April 30, 2020SOURCE
    • The Summer Shakespeare in The Park production has been canceled and will be rescheduled for later this year.
    • Whitfield County will hold regular live stream conference calls regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus news – will update on dates and times.
    • While some parks in Dalton-Whitfield remain open ALL PLAYGROUNDS AND PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT ARE CLOSED.
  • 3/27/20
    • City Hall Facebook Live Stream
  • 3/26/20
  • 3/25/20 – City Hall Facebook Live Stream
  • 3/24/20 – UPDATE
    • We’ve received a notice that there have been updates to local ordinances for the Dalton-Whitfield area regarding COVID-19. Restaurants and bars will be going to carry-out, curbside pickup, drive-thru and delivery services only and voluntary social gatherings of 10+ people should be suspended out of concern for infection. We will continue to keep you updated of any changes or news. Stay safe and healthy.


Healthcare Information

  • COVID-19 Hotline| 844-442-2681
    • The Whitfield County Health Department has provided a COVID-19 Hotline number so those who may be affected can find out where their nearest testing site or emergency care is located
  • 911 vs 211
    • Call 911 if someone near you experiences
      • Cardiac arrest
      • Unconsciousness
      • Stroke
      • Seizure
      • Heart attack
      • Severe blood loss
      • Birth complications
      • Critical injuries
      • Shootings or stabbings
      • Drowning
    • Call 211 in the case of
      • If you think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19
      • If you have questions about COVID-19
      • Flu symptoms
        • Fever
        • Body aches
        • Chills
        • Runny nose
        • Sore throat
      • If you have any of these symptoms or  have been exposed to COVID-19, isolate yourself and call your primary healthcare professional to discuss treatment options.
  • Protective Facial Masks
    • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that all persons should wear some form of protective face mask while in public in order to limit the spread of particles that can cause COVID-19. Due to the need for Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE), the public should NOT use the N95 style of protective mask in order for medical personel to have enough access to these materials. A homemade mask or a form of cloth covering is more than sufficient and safe for the public to use while out. The CDC has published a sewing pattern for DIY protective masks that can be made at home on the CDC website (LINK) and we have provided the downloadable PDF of the information below.
  • Whitfield County Health Department
    • Drive Through Testing
      • The Whitfield County Health Department has opened drive-through COVID-19 testing. This is available ONLY for those exhibiting symptoms. Please call ahead to inform them before arriving at 1-8888811474.
  • Hamilton Healthcare 
    • Updates from Hamilton Healthcare can be found at
        • Due to the current Covid-19 situation, beginning March 30th Hamilton Convenient Care providers will be seeing our well /corporate patients at a temporary location. We will be located at the Medical Plaza at 1107 Memorial Dr. suite 200. This is the glass building across from the front of the hospital. We will continue to provide pre-employment physicals, drug screen and worker’s comp services at this location. Our Dalton Convenient Care location will continue to be open for those patients with upper respiratory symptoms and can redirect any patients that may come here instead of the new location. Our hours of operation during this time will be Monday-Friday 8am – 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am – 3pm. We do ask that pre-employment physicals and drug screens come in Monday – Friday only. You may continue to contact our staff at (706) 529-3245 and send faxes to (706) 217-2038. You will continue to receive results and office notes as usual with minimal disruption.
          Thank you for you continued support and understanding as we all work together during this difficult time. If you have any questions please feel free to call (706) 529-3245
      • VIDEO: What is the COVID-19 Coronavirus?
      • VIDEO: What you can do to prevent the spread.
    • Hamilton Healthcare Systems has provided information on what you should do if you think you have symptoms of COVID-19
      • First, contact your primary care provider.
      • If you don’t have a primary care provider, you can contact one of Hamilton’s Convenient Care locations or an urgent care.
      • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.
      • If you are not having severe, emergent symptoms that require you to seek emergency care, self-quarantine and follow your primary care provider’s instructions.
      • If you do not need medical attention, please call ahead whenever possible so that the care team can prepare to care for you.
    • Hamilton Convenient Care asks incoming patients to come to the back of the building and to stay inside of their cars. A healthcare professional will come directly to you vehicle, assess your symptoms and refer you to additional services (eg. nearest testing site, Emergency Room, etc.)
    • Urgent Care Health Facilities   COVID HOTLINE NUMBER:  844-442-2681 or 211

      Name Phone Address Location Hours (All Hours EDT) Other Information
      Hamilton Convient Care Dalton 706.529.3245 1012 Burleyson Road Dalton, GA M – F – 8am – 8pm; Sa- Su – 9am – 3pm If concerned about COVID 19 symptoms, you can send folks to this facility in Dalton.  Direct them to the BACK of the buidling where they will be met by healthcare professionals and be assessed without leaving their vehicle and appropriate referral will be made.
      Hamilton Convient Care Dalton 706.529.3245 1107 Memorial Dr. suite 200 Dalton, GA M – F – 8am – 6pm; Sa- Su – 9am – 3pm  Well /Corporate patients; drug testing, pre-employment 
      Hamilton Convient Care Murray 706.686.8050 800 G.I. Maddox Pkwy Chatsworth, GA M – F – 8am – 8pm; Sa- Su – 9am – 3pm  
      Hamilton Convient Car Varnell  706.852.2374 3957 Cleveland Highway Suite B Dalton, GA M – F 8am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm; Sa 9am – 3pm    
      Mednow 706.275.4444 2705 Airport Road Suite 101  Dalton, GA M – W – 7:30am – 7:00pm; R – F – 7:00am – 6:00pm; Sa – 9am – 3pm; Su – Closed  
      Walmart Care Clinic 706.277.7661 815 Shugart Road Dalton, GA M – F – 8am – 8pm; Sa – 8am – 5pm; Su – 10am – 6pm   
      Physicians Care  706.459.3572 1209 W. Walnut Ave, Suite 1 Dalton, GA M – F 8am – 8pm; Sa – Su – 8am – 4pm  
      Priority Care 706.226.2273 1000 Riverburch Pkwy Dalton, GA M – R – 8am – 5:45pm; F 8am – 4pm; Sa – Su – Closed  
      Erlanger ExpressCare 706.841.4100 6982 Nashville Street Ringgold, GA M- R – 7am – 7pm; F – 7am – 5pm; Sa- 8am – 2pm; Su – 2pm – 8pm  
      Floyd Urgent Care 706.625.4410 251 GA Highway 53  Calhoun, GA M – F – 8 am – 8pm; Sa –  8am – 4pm; Su – 2pm – 6pm  
      IF caller is local, refer them to their primary care provider.  If they don’t have a local primary care provider or from out of town you can refer to Hamilton Convenient Care to the BACK of the building. They will be assessed by health care professionals from inside their car and referred appropriately.  



  • State of Georgia/Nationwide Updates
    • The IRS will begin sending stimulus payments for individuals nationwide according to IRS Economic Impact Payments starting 4/13/2020 begining with direct deposits for those who filed 2019 taxes, additional payments for those receiving Social Security following the first payments and will begin sending physical checks by mail after.  If you are a NON-FILER or need to check on the status of your payment, please visit
  • City of Dalton
    • The City of Dalton will follow GA Governor Brian Kemp’s Shelter-In-Place Order. You can read the full Order HERE.
    • What follows is a summary of what the Shelter-In-Place Order means for the citizens of Dalton-Whitfield, originally published on
      • Governor Kemp’s “Shelter In Place” executive order takes effect on Friday, April 3rd at 6:00 PM and runs through 11:59 PM on April 13th. What does that mean for you in Dalton?The general spirit of the order is that you should stay inside your home absolutely as much as possible. You are allowed to leave home for essential services – such as going to the grocery store, pharmacy, the doctor, getting takeout food from a restaurant, etc. You’re allowed to leave home for work if your job is considered by the state of Georgia to be essential at this time – including but not limited to doctors, public safety employees, grocery or food service employees, manufacturing deemed by the state to be essential, etc. It’s important to note that local governments aren’t in charge of making the determination of which businesses or employees are essential during this order, state agencies such as the Georgia Department of Economic Development are making those determinations. A federal guide to critical and non-critical businesses can be viewed by clicking here. For questions regarding which businesses are considered critical or essential, you can call the Department of Economic Development at 404-962-4000 (800-255-0056 – For Hearing Impaired) or email or visit for more information.This shelter in place order is not a reason to panic. Shipping and grocery stores are considered essential and there will be no disruptions to shipping or store supplies so there is no reason to go out and hoard items from grocery stores – please stick as close as possible to your normal shopping habits so your neighbors can have access to needed supplies, too. Keep in mind that city employees are still hard at work to serve you and to keep our city safe. First responders from the Dalton Police Department and Dalton Fire Department are operating as usual and our Public Works Department is working to keep the city in good working order. Those services won’t stop and if you need us, just call!Several classes of businesses have been ordered to close during this order, including but not limited to gyms, nightclubs, bars, theaters, live performance venues, dine-in restaurant services (except for take-out, curbside, delivery, etc), hair or nail salons, estheticians, massage therapists, etc. The state is strongly discouraging in-person gatherings for church or funeral services due to the potential for spread of the disease. Most churches are performing alternative services online or by phone or other methods to practice social distancing, and this is encouraged.You are allowed to be outside for exercise purposes such as running, walking, or hiking so long as you practice social distancing guidelines. Any time you are in public, you’re required to practice good social distancing from others.We’ve been asked if you need a permit from the police to travel in the city and the answer is no, there is no requirement to have a permit to go out and perform essential functions. We’ve also been asked about a curfew, and there is no curfew – but unless performing essential functions (including exercise) people are being ordered to shelter in place at home regardless of time of day.To report a non-compliant business to the state, visit and click on “Contact Us” and click on “Constituent Services” and fill out the form. Please include the business name, location address, phone number, and the specific details of the violation.
  • Whitfield County Board of Commissioners
    • Whitfield County Emergency Management –  A Message on The Coronavirus
      • Originally published on 3/21/2020
      • The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners strongly encourages everyone to follow CDC guidelines
        during this Public Health Emergency.
        Listen to and follow the directions of your STATE AND LOCAL AUTHORITIES.
        IF YOU FEEL SICK, stay home. Do not go to work. Contact your medical provider.
        IF YOUR CHILDREN ARE SICK, keep them at home. Do not send them to school. Contact your medical
        IF SOMEONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD HAS TESTED POSITIVE for the corona virus, keep the entire
        household at home. Do not go to work. Do not go to school. Contact your medical provider.
        IF YOU ARE AN OLDER PERSON, stay home away from other people.
        increased (for example, a condition that impairs your lung or heart function or weakens your immune
        system), stay home and away from other people.
        Even if you are young, or otherwise healthy, you are at risk and your activities can increase the risk of
        others. It is critical that you do your part to slow the speed of the coronavirus.
        Work or engage in schooling FROM HOME whenever possible.
        IF YOU WORK IN A CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE INDUSTRY, as defined by the Department of Homeland
        Security, such as healthcare services and pharmaceutical and food supply, you have a special
        responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule. You and your employees should follow CDC
        guidance to protect your health at work.
        AVOID SOCIAL GATHERINGS in groups of more than 10 people.
        Avoid eating or drinking at bars, restaurants, and food courts.—USE DRIVE-THRU, PICKUP, OR DELIVERY
        AVOID DISCRETIONARY TRAVEL, shopping trips, and social visits
        DO NOT VISIT nursing homes or retirement or long-term care facilities unless to provide critical
         Wash your hands, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface.
         Avoid touching your face
         Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow.
         Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible.
    • The Board of Commissioners has voted on new resolutions to the emergency order that are now in effect as of 4/1/20. Please see the following for the new resolutions.[SOURCE]
      • All persons showing symptoms recognized by the CDC as being ofd COVID-19 will refrain from entering public spaces.
      • All persons shall maintain distances of no less than six (6) feet between themselves and others.
      • As is consistent with Governor Kemp’s Executive Order of March 23, 2020 thos who live in nursing homes or long-term care facilities, have chronic lung disease, are undergoing cancer treatment, and those included in DPH Administrative Order will continue to shelter in place.
      • Persons shall not engage in voluntary social gatherings of ten (10) or more including, but not limited to,  private social functions, religious worship meetiongs/services, theaters, gyms/fitness centers, flea markets and yard sales, funeral services/visitations, etc.
      • Restaurants, bars, and similar food or drink establishments shall not be open to the public except only to offer drive-through, pick-up, carry out, or delivery service for food and drink.
      • Cafeterias in licensed medical facilities, nursing homes, and similiar facilities shall be exempted but shall ensure proper separation.
      • Any restaurant or bar licensed to sell beer and wine for consumption by the drink on site may sell unopened, sealed containers of such (but not distilled spirits) for take-out consumption off-premises for the duration of the Resolution.
      • Businesses where close personal contact is required (nail salons, barber shops/hair salons, massage parlors, tanning salons, tattoo/body art studios, etc) shall remaiin closed to the public during the period of the resolution.
      • All children’s playground equipment at parks, schools, churches, apartment complexes, etc is closed to the public. While parks remain open, all persons shall endeaver to maintain the six (6) feet of separation required from others as is possible.
      • With the exception of grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies, all retail businesses that are open shall limit the number of customers present and enforce the required distancing.
      • All open businesses shall restrict in-person contact between the public and its employees.
      • All businesses that remain open but not to the public (manufacturing, wholesale, or warehouse, shall endeaver to implement the distancing protocol among employees.
      • All businesses and employers are encouraged to take necessary steps no personnel exhibit symptoms and will send personnel home if they should manifest.
      • All businesses amd employers are encouraged to provide employees with the means and equipment to perform essential job functions remotely.
      • Any violation of these provisions will be considered an ordinance violation and subject to immediat injunctive relief by any court of competent jurisdiction to gain compliance in the interest of the public’s health and safety. The general penalty provisions oof the subject jurisdictionshall include a fine of $1,000.00 and/or incarceration up to sixty (60) days.
    • The Whitfield County Board of Commissioners has postponed voting for the Presidential Preference and General Primary elections until Tuesday, June 9, 2020.
    • Whitfield County will be regularly posting updates regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus from their new Instagram account (@WhitfieldCountyGA).
    • Whitfield County Commissioners Livestream – 4/9/20
    • Whitfield County Commissioners Livestream (4/14/2020)
        • The date of the Presidential Preference and Primary Election voting has been changed to June 9. The deadline for registration is May 11,  and early voting will take place from May 18 to June 5.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Dalton Distillery
  • Whitfield County Parks & Rec
    • In partnership with the Dalton Distillery, Whitfield County Parks & Rec will be distributing hand sanitizer at locations around Dalton-Whitfield.
      • 4/2/20
  • Live Entertainment Updates
    • Shakespeare in the Park
      • The summer Shakespeare in the Park production in Burr Park has been canceled but will be rescheduled for later this year.
    • Woodsongs Dalton – Quarantunes@Noon
      • Woodsongs Dalton is working with regional and national musical artists to produce QuaranTunes@Noon via the Woodsongs Dalton Facebook page on Fridays at 12:00PM Noon during the month of April. Proceeds from the concert benefit the DEO Clinic which provides medical care to low income uninsured individuals.
      • Schedule
        • April 3
        • April 10
        • April 17
        • April 24


Restaurants in Dalton Open/Carry Out/Delivery

As we take precautions during this uncertain time, we have compiled a list of local restaurants that have modified hours or are open, offer Carry Out and Delivery services or have other availabilities. We will keep you updated as we move forward. Thank you and stay healthy and safe.

Several restaurants offer delivery in addition to Dalton Food Runners

(Last Updated 3/24/2020)

Restaurants in Dalton Area Open During Covid – 19 Pandemic

Restaurant  Location Phone Number Open (Y/N) Carry Out (Y/N) Delivery (Y/N) Hours Other Info
Baja Coop Downtown 222 N Hamilton Street 706.529.2667 Y Y Y 11am-9pm  
Blues Street Tavern 3619 Cleveland Highway 706.279.9277 Y Y Y Mon-Thur 9am-5:30pm, Fri-Sat 9am-10pm  ONLINE ORDERING
Buckin Burrito Downtown 212 N Hamilton Street 706.529.8226 N N N 11am-9pm  
Burger Den  2620 Chattanooga Road 706.226.2890 Y Y N 5am-9pm  
Café Osatro Downtown 240 N Hamilton Street 706.529.7538 Y Y Y 11am-9pm FREE DELIVERY $20+
Calamansi Café Crown Mill 825 Chattanooga Ave 706.313.9514 N        
Casa Frida Downtown 238 N Hamilton Street 706.529.7538 Y Y Y 11am-9pm FREE DELIVERY
Cheesecake Heaven 420 W. Tyler St. 706.529.3949 Y Y N 10am-6pm DINNER DELIVERED
Chelsea’s On Thornton Downtown 501 S Thornton Ave 706.277.2872 Y Y N 11:30am-1:30pm  
Cherokee Brewing & Pizza Company Downtown 207 W Cuyler Street 706.529.9478 Y Y Y 11am-10pm ONLINE ORDERING 
Choo Choo BBQ 2504 Cleveland Highway 706.529.6163 Y Y N Mon-Fri 10:30am-8pm CALL AHEAD AVAILABLE
Chop Shop Downtown 209 W Cuyler Street 706.229.9377 Y Y Y 10am-6pm FOODRUNNERS
Cold Creek 101 N. Oaks Dr. #1 706.229.3484 Y Y Y 11am-?? FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 5 MILES
Crescent City Tavern Downtown 324 S Depot Street 706.529.0467 Y Y N 11am-11pm FOODRUNNERS
Curt’s Restaurant  332 Northgate Drive 706.278.1159 Y Y N 6am-8pm  
Cyra’s on Pentz Downtown 208 N Pentz Street 706.370.7305 Y Y Y 11am-9pm FOODRUNNERS/or elderly
Dalton Brewing Company Downtown 420 W Tyler Street 706.529.5524 Y Y Y Tues-Sat 4pm-8pm, Sun 3pm-5pm ONLINE ORDERING,
Dos Bros Fresh Mexican Grill 100 W. Walnut Ave. 706.226.2767 Y Y Y 11am-9pm DINNER DELIVERED
Doughboys Pizzeria 2642 Chattanooga Road 706.229.9100 Y Y Y Wed-Sat 11am- 8pm, Sun 12-7  
Garden Grille at Hilton Garden Inn 879 College Drive 706.529.6000 N Y N 5pm-10pm  
Gondalier Pizza 904 S. Thornton Avenue 706.278.9575 Y Y Y 10:30am-9pm DINNER DELIVERED
Hamilton’s Food & Spirits/Pizzeria Downtown 243 N. Hamilton Street 706.270.0467 Y Y Y 11am-10pm FOODRUNNERS
John’s BBQ 411 N. Glenwood Road 706.226.1769 Y Y Y 10am-7pm CALL INS
Las Palmas 1331 W. Walnut Avenue 706.529.8477 Y Y Y 11am-10pm DINNER DELIVERED
Lisa Café Downtown 410 S Hamilton Street 706.529.8671 Y Y Y 11am-2pm DINNER PICKUP IF PLACED BY 2PM
Los Pablo’s # 1 West Walnut 1513 W. Walnut Avenue 706.275.9320 Y Y N 11am-8:30pm  
Los Pablo’s #2 Rocky Face 2204 Chattanooga Road 706.226.1411 Y Y Y 11am-8:30pm  
Los Reyes 1235 Cleveland Highway 706.226.8832 Y Y Y Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 12pm-10:30pm, Sun 12pm-8pm  
Miller Bros. Rib Shack 606 E. Morris Street 706.278.7365 Y Y Y 11am-7pm DINNER DELIVERED
More Than Greens Downtown 113 W. King Street 706.529.3531 N        
Mr. Biscuit  1904 Chattanooga Road 706.226.4314 Y Y N 6am-1:45pm  
Native Kitchen  Crown Mill 825 Chattanooga Ave 706.529.8129 Y Y Y 10am-7pm  
Need Too Feed 1754 Mill Creek Road 706.516.4389 Y Y Y Wed-Sat 7am-6pm, Sun 8am-3pm, Mon-Tue CLOSED DRIVE THRU & PICK UP; FULL MENU & GROCERY MARKET
Oakwood Café  Downtown 201 W Cuyler Street 706.529.9663 Y Y Y 6:30am-8:30pm  
Parker’s Resturants  2800 E. Walnut Avenue 706.278.4335 Y Y Y 6am-3pm DINNER DELIVERED
Perfect Cup Downtown 112 W Crawford Street 706.270.0669 Y Y Y 7:30am-4:00pm DELIVERY AVAILABLE
Real Food Co 1325 Dug Gap Road 706.529.8051 Y Y Y Mon-Tue 10am-3pm, Wed 9am-5pm, Thu-Fri 9am-5pm ALL FOOD IS TO GO
Sol de Mayo Taco Crown Mill 825 Chattanooga Ave 706.529.6662 Y Y Y 11am-9pm FOODRUNNERS
The Bistro at Courtyard by Marriott 785 College Drive 706.275.7215 N        
The Filling Station Downtown 316 N Hamilton Street 706.279.3355 Y Y N 11am-2pm
The Local 3001 E Walnut Ave 706.529.9096 Y Y Y 11am-9pm DINNER DELIVERED
The Sauce’D Pig 2955 Cleveland Highway 706.529.5755 Y Y Y 11am-8pm, Sat 11am-3pm  
The Spiced Apple 443 Gillum Drive 706.278.6009 N        
The Spinning Room  Crown Mill 825 Chattanooga Ave 706.529.8203          
The Sweet Spot Downtown 336 S Hamilton Street 706.529.7768 Y N N 12pm-9pm  
Tijuana’s  Downtown 328 S. Hamilton Street 706.226.4113 Y Y N 11am-9pm  
Western Sizzlin 1212 Cleveland Highway 706.279.1799 N        
Willie’s Burger Shack Downtown 301 W. Emery Street 706.226.1953 Y Y N 10:30am-8:30pm