Atcooga School

Many cotton mills in the south operated schools to promote the literacy and work ethic expected for future mill employees. Whitfield County had three mill schools: Crown Point, Elk (later Boylston Crown), and Atcooga, an acronym for American Thread Company of Georgia. Crown Point School, originally located on north Thornton Avenue was built in 1910 by the Crown Cotton Mill. The Elk School on Bryant Avenue began in 1919 and became Boylston Crown in 1924. Atcooga School on south Dixie Highway began in 1925. 

Two mill school buildings still stand and are in use. The old Atcooga School on South Thornton Avenue or Dixie Highway is the central office of the Whitfield County Schools. The old Boylston Crown School, located on Bryant Avenue, now houses City of Refuge, a nonprofit organization.