Dalton thanks the legendary Harlem Globetrotters for making the city part of their 2012 World Tour.

[Dalton, GA – 1/22/2020] Eight years ago, the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters brought their signature style to Dalton for their 2012 World Tour. The basketball team that takes it beyond the basket sent the audience into excited cheers and made memories that lasted a lifetime.

Tomorrow, the Globetrotters return to the Dalton Convention Center for one night only as part of the “Pushing The Limits” Tour to do exactly that – push the limits. While spectacular to see on any night, this will be no ordinary Globetrotters game as the team will attempt a live world record for the audience, will feature their legendary pre-game “Magic Circle” warmups as a special glow-in-the-dark performance and are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the four-point shot that they had introduced to basketball.

“Our fans have come to expect more than just a great show, and this season promises to deliver more entertainment and excitement than ever before,” said Head Coach Lou Dunbar.

We welcome The Harlem Globetrotters back to Dalton for another unforgettable night.  Come out to Mashburn Arena at The Dalton Convention Center and see this legendary team do what they do best. Push the limits!

Tickets are available for pre-purchase and before the game. To buy tickets before the game visit the front desk of the Dalton Convention Center (please note this is cash only). If you have any questions please call (706) 272-7676.