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Mid-Week blues? Don’t worry, Cherokee Brewing and Pizza Co. has you covered. Join them as they welcome Ramble in the Attic back for some live music. 

Ramble in the Attic – 

Ramble in the Attic is, at times, Andy Giles and Jake Sane when performing acoustically. Full band includes Zach Byers, Ben Frost, and Zach Haley.

Jake and Andy combine many different influences into a melting pot of music. Taking this into consideration, Ramble in the Attic was formed with the idea to add different styles and talents into the lineup to give each show a different feel. Along came Ben and the Zachs, and it just kinda stuck.

John Prine, Grateful Dead, JJ Cale, Todd Snider, Ryan Adams, Paul Simon, WidespreadPanic, Otis Redding, Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc…