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Mark Andrew is a local Chattanooga full-time musician whose music has evolved over his lifetime. Andrew started playing classic rock, classic country and classic Motown, however, when he purchased his beautiful steel resonator guitar he incorporated the “blues” into his repertoire. He plays crowd pleasing sing-a-longs from the 60’s to present day.
Music came early for Andrew, he would come home from school and his mother would be playing the piano. This would become his biggest influence.
Andrew’s older brother gave him a guitar when he was twelve years old. He played in bands until he was eighteen and came to Tennessee and has been playing in clubs, restaurants and private events since.
“I’ve been very privileged to have played all over in the southern region.” states Andrew.
Andrew thrives on meeting new friends and bringing the gift of music to everyone he meets. “I consider myself blessed as I love what I do and honestly can say it’s in my blood.”