Have you ever wanted to make your own moonshine? Now you can. The Dalton Distillery is offering a full day’s course with Master Distiller, Raymond Butler. You will learn shine making from start to finish from one of the masters of the craft and by the time you are complete, you will have bottled, labeled and sealed your own spirit!

The cost of the Distillers course is $90. However, for that price you get to spend the day with Master Distiller Raymond Butler as he teaches you the fundamentals of moonshine making. You will have breakfast and lunch with the team at Dalton Distillery, and get your very own bottle of Raymond’s Reserve that you made, bottled and labeled yourself. Definitely an achievement that will make you proud and certainly well worth the price.

If you haven’t been to the Dalton Distillery you should certainly get by and see what it’s all about. The team over there loves when people stop by to say hello. While you’re there you can sample some of the products, like the original Raymond’s Reserve, or flavored Raymond’s Reserve. You can also sample some of the best damn whiskey that can’t be called whiskey, Taza Ray, which is distilled with sunflower seeds.

When you first enter the Distillery, you may be taken back at first, as the strong smell of malt and vinegar attack your nostrils like the allies Storming Normandy Beach. However, you will quickly realize that it is a pleasant odor and the thirst to sample some good whiskey and moonshine will dominate your thoughts. You will meet Raymond Butler, Master Distiller, whose trademark appearance has become the face of Dalton Distillery. He loves company and talking about whiskey and life in general.

The Distillers course takes place on Sunday, April 22nd from 10AM until 2PM. The Dalton Distillery is located at 109 E. Morris Street in Historic Downtown Dalton, Georgia. The course is open to everyone who wants to come by and learn the art of spirit making. The Course is on a Sunday so you can spend the day with the team at the Distillery. However, if you stay in town on Saturday you will see what the nightlife in Downtown Dalton is all about and why the Downtown Dalton dining establishments are all the rave.

Dalton Georgia is a great destination for a quick weekend getaway and our FREE trolley makes enjoying yourself easier. The FREE trolley runs every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 5pm until midnight. So, head on over to Dalton, Georgia on Saturday afternoon, grab a hotel room, take the trolley downtown from your hotel room, eat some fine dinner, enjoy the night life at one of our several entertainment venues and do the distillers course on Sunday. 

The Dalton Convention & Visitors Bureau is here to assist you with having the best time while visiting our amazing little town. If you would like more information about Dalton, visit our website at www.VisitDaltonGa.com. You can also call us toll free at 1-800-331-3258. The Dalton CVB is located at 305 South Depot Street, Dalton, GA 30720.