To help serve the Dalton-Whitfield community during the current uncertainty with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the Dalton Convention & Visitors Bureau will be operating as an information source for both visitors and residents alike.

The Downtown Visitor Information Center at the historic freight depot will answer calls and reply to emails requesting information for hotels, restaurants with modified business models and news from our health facilities. We will be updating our social media sites, our website and answering calls from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday, to keep you updated. Be sure to stay safe and healthy.

  • PHONE: (706) 270-9960
  • EMAIL: 


Local Updates


Healthcare Information

  • COVID-19 Hotline| 844-442-2681
    • The Whitfield County Health Department has provided a COVID-19 Hotline number so those who may be affected can find out where their nearest testing site or emergency care is located
  • 911 vs 211
    • Call 911 if someone near you experiences
      • Cardiac arrest
      • Unconsciousness
      • Stroke
      • Seizure
      • Heart attack
      • Severe blood loss
      • Birth complications
      • Critical injuries
      • Shootings or stabbings
      • Drowning
    • Call 211 in the case of
      • If you think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19
      • If you have questions about COVID-19
      • Flu symptoms
        • Fever
        • Body aches
        • Chills
        • Runny nose
        • Sore throat
      • If you have any of these symptoms or  have been exposed to COVID-19, isolate yourself and call your primary healthcare professional to discuss treatment options.
  • Hamilton Healthcare 
    • Updates from Hamilton Healthcare can be found at
        • Due to the current Covid-19 situation, beginning March 30th Hamilton Convenient Care providers will be seeing our well /corporate patients at a temporary location. We will be located at the Medical Plaza at 1107 Memorial Dr. suite 200. This is the glass building across from the front of the hospital. We will continue to provide pre-employment physicals, drug screen and worker’s comp services at this location. Our Dalton Convenient Care location will continue to be open for those patients with upper respiratory symptoms and can redirect any patients that may come here instead of the new location. Our hours of operation during this time will be Monday-Friday 8am – 6pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am – 3pm. We do ask that pre-employment physicals and drug screens come in Monday – Friday only. You may continue to contact our staff at (706) 529-3245 and send faxes to (706) 217-2038. You will continue to receive results and office notes as usual with minimal disruption.
          Thank you for you continued support and understanding as we all work together during this difficult time. If you have any questions please feel free to call (706) 529-3245
      • VIDEO: What is the COVID-19 Coronavirus?
      • VIDEO: What you can do to prevent the spread.
    • Hamilton Healthcare Systems has provided information on what you should do if you think you have symptoms of COVID-19
      • First, contact your primary care provider.
      • If you don’t have a primary care provider, you can contact one of Hamilton’s Convenient Care locations or an urgent care.
      • If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.
      • If you are not having severe, emergent symptoms that require you to seek emergency care, self-quarantine and follow your primary care provider’s instructions.
      • If you do not need medical attention, please call ahead whenever possible so that the care team can prepare to care for you.
    • Hamilton Convenient Care asks incoming patients to come to the back of the building and to stay inside of their cars. A healthcare professional will come directly to you vehicle, assess your symptoms and refer you to additional services (eg. nearest testing site, Emergency Room, etc.)
    • Urgent Care Health Facilities   COVID HOTLINE NUMBER:  844-442-2681 or 211

      Name Phone Address Location Hours (All Hours EDT) Other Information
      Hamilton Convient Care Dalton 706.529.3245 1012 Burleyson Road Dalton, GA M – F – 8am – 8pm; Sa- Su – 9am – 3pm If concerned about COVID 19 symptoms, you can send folks to this facility in Dalton.  Direct them to the BACK of the buidling where they will be met by healthcare professionals and be assessed without leaving their vehicle and appropriate referral will be made.
      Hamilton Convient Care Dalton 706.529.3245 1107 Memorial Dr. suite 200 Dalton, GA M – F – 8am – 6pm; Sa- Su – 9am – 3pm  Well /Corporate patients; drug testing, pre-employment 
      Hamilton Convient Care Murray 706.686.8050 800 G.I. Maddox Pkwy Chatsworth, GA M – F – 8am – 8pm; Sa- Su – 9am – 3pm  
      Hamilton Convient Car Varnell  706.852.2374 3957 Cleveland Highway Suite B Dalton, GA M – F 8am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm; Sa 9am – 3pm    
      Mednow 706.275.4444 2705 Airport Road Suite 101  Dalton, GA M – W – 7:30am – 7:00pm; R – F – 7:00am – 6:00pm; Sa – 9am – 3pm; Su – Closed  
      Walmart Care Clinic 706.277.7661 815 Shugart Road Dalton, GA M – F – 8am – 8pm; Sa – 8am – 5pm; Su – 10am – 6pm   
      Physicians Care  706.459.3572 1209 W. Walnut Ave, Suite 1 Dalton, GA M – F 8am – 8pm; Sa – Su – 8am – 4pm  
      Priority Care 706.226.2273 1000 Riverburch Pkwy Dalton, GA M – R – 8am – 5:45pm; F 8am – 4pm; Sa – Su – Closed  
      Erlanger ExpressCare 706.841.4100 6982 Nashville Street Ringgold, GA M- R – 7am – 7pm; F – 7am – 5pm; Sa- 8am – 2pm; Su – 2pm – 8pm  
      Floyd Urgent Care 706.625.4410 251 GA Highway 53  Calhoun, GA M – F – 8 am – 8pm; Sa –  8am – 4pm; Su – 2pm – 6pm  
      IF caller is local, refer them to their primary care provider.  If they don’t have a local primary care provider or from out of town you can refer to Hamilton Convenient Care to the BACK of the building. They will be assessed by health care professionals from inside their car and referred appropriately.  



  • Hand Sanitizer – Dalton Distillery
    • The Dalton Distillery is working to provide the community with hand sanitizer as supplies become available. The Distillery will update you on when you can refill or top off your pump bottles of hand sanitizer up to 16oz per person. If you do not have a bottle, they will provide 3 limited 50 ml bottles per person. Donations are appreciated or if you can bring in aloe vera, glycerin or hydrogen peroxide that would be greatly appreciated.
      • Saturdays from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM (depending on availability)
      • Contact Info
        • Facebook:
        • Phone: (706) 483-2790
        • Address: 109 E Morris St, Dalton, GA 30720


Restaurants in Dalton Open/Carry Out/Delivery

As we take precautions during this uncertain time, we have compiled a list of local restaurants that have modified hours or are open, offer Carry Out and Delivery services or have other availabilities. We will keep you updated as we move forward. Thank you and stay healthy and safe.

Several restaurants offer delivery in addition to Dalton Food Runners

(Last Updated 3/24/2020)

Restaurants in Dalton Area Open During Covid – 19 Pandemic

Restaurant  Location Phone Number Open (Y/N) Carry Out (Y/N) Delivery (Y/N) Hours Other Info
Baja Coop Downtown 222 N Hamilton Street 706.529.2667 Y Y Y 11am-9pm  
Blues Street Tavern 3619 Cleveland Highway 706.279.9277 Y Y Y Mon-Thur 9am-5:30pm, Fri-Sat 9am-10pm  ONLINE ORDERING
Buckin Burrito Downtown 212 N Hamilton Street 706.529.8226 N N N 11am-9pm  
Burger Den  2620 Chattanooga Road 706.226.2890 Y Y N 5am-9pm  
Café Osatro Downtown 240 N Hamilton Street 706.529.7538 Y Y Y 11am-9pm FREE DELIVERY $20+
Calamansi Café Crown Mill 825 Chattanooga Ave 706.313.9514 N        
Casa Frida Downtown 238 N Hamilton Street 706.529.7538 Y Y Y 11am-9pm FREE DELIVERY
Cheesecake Heaven 420 W. Tyler St. 706.529.3949 Y Y N 10am-6pm DINNER DELIVERED
Chelsea’s On Thornton Downtown 501 S Thornton Ave 706.277.2872 Y Y N 11:30am-1:30pm  
Cherokee Brewing & Pizza Company Downtown 207 W Cuyler Street 706.529.9478 Y Y Y 11am-10pm ONLINE ORDERING 
Choo Choo BBQ 2504 Cleveland Highway 706.529.6163 Y Y N Mon-Fri 10:30am-8pm CALL AHEAD AVAILABLE
Chop Shop Downtown 209 W Cuyler Street 706.229.9377 Y Y Y 10am-6pm FOODRUNNERS
Cold Creek 101 N. Oaks Dr. #1 706.229.3484 Y Y Y 11am-?? FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 5 MILES
Crescent City Tavern Downtown 324 S Depot Street 706.529.0467 Y Y N 11am-11pm FOODRUNNERS
Curt’s Restaurant  332 Northgate Drive 706.278.1159 Y Y N 6am-8pm  
Cyra’s on Pentz Downtown 208 N Pentz Street 706.370.7305 Y Y Y 11am-9pm FOODRUNNERS/or elderly
Dalton Brewing Company Downtown 420 W Tyler Street 706.529.5524 Y Y Y Tues-Sat 4pm-8pm, Sun 3pm-5pm ONLINE ORDERING,
Dos Bros Fresh Mexican Grill 100 W. Walnut Ave. 706.226.2767 Y Y Y 11am-9pm DINNER DELIVERED
Doughboys Pizzeria 2642 Chattanooga Road 706.229.9100 Y Y Y Wed-Sat 11am- 8pm, Sun 12-7  
Garden Grille at Hilton Garden Inn 879 College Drive 706.529.6000 N Y N 5pm-10pm  
Gondalier Pizza 904 S. Thornton Avenue 706.278.9575 Y Y Y 10:30am-9pm DINNER DELIVERED
Hamilton’s Food & Spirits/Pizzeria Downtown 243 N. Hamilton Street 706.270.0467 Y Y Y 11am-10pm FOODRUNNERS
John’s BBQ 411 N. Glenwood Road 706.226.1769 Y Y Y 10am-7pm CALL INS
Las Palmas 1331 W. Walnut Avenue 706.529.8477 Y Y Y 11am-10pm DINNER DELIVERED
Lisa Café Downtown 410 S Hamilton Street 706.529.8671 Y Y Y 11am-2pm DINNER PICKUP IF PLACED BY 2PM
Los Pablo’s # 1 West Walnut 1513 W. Walnut Avenue 706.275.9320 Y Y N 11am-8:30pm  
Los Pablo’s #2 Rocky Face 2204 Chattanooga Road 706.226.1411 Y Y Y 11am-8:30pm  
Los Reyes 1235 Cleveland Highway 706.226.8832 Y Y Y Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat 12pm-10:30pm, Sun 12pm-8pm  
Miller Bros. Rib Shack 606 E. Morris Street 706.278.7365 Y Y Y 11am-7pm DINNER DELIVERED
More Than Greens Downtown 113 W. King Street 706.529.3531 N        
Mr. Biscuit  1904 Chattanooga Road 706.226.4314 Y Y N 6am-1:45pm  
Native Kitchen  Crown Mill 825 Chattanooga Ave 706.529.8129 Y Y Y 10am-7pm  
Need Too Feed 1754 Mill Creek Road 706.516.4389 Y Y Y Wed-Sat 7am-6pm, Sun 8am-3pm, Mon-Tue CLOSED DRIVE THRU & PICK UP; FULL MENU & GROCERY MARKET
Oakwood Café  Downtown 201 W Cuyler Street 706.529.9663 Y Y Y 6:30am-8:30pm  
Parker’s Resturants  2800 E. Walnut Avenue 706.278.4335 Y Y Y 6am-3pm DINNER DELIVERED
Perfect Cup Downtown 112 W Crawford Street 706.270.0669 Y Y Y 7:30am-4:00pm DELIVERY AVAILABLE
Real Food Co 1325 Dug Gap Road 706.529.8051 Y Y Y Mon-Tue 10am-3pm, Wed 9am-5pm, Thu-Fri 9am-5pm ALL FOOD IS TO GO
Sol de Mayo Taco Crown Mill 825 Chattanooga Ave 706.529.6662 Y Y Y 11am-9pm FOODRUNNERS
The Bistro at Courtyard by Marriott 785 College Drive 706.275.7215 N        
The Filling Station Downtown 316 N Hamilton Street 706.279.3355 Y Y N 11am-2pm
The Local 3001 E Walnut Ave 706.529.9096 Y Y Y 11am-9pm DINNER DELIVERED
The Sauce’D Pig 2955 Cleveland Highway 706.529.5755 Y Y Y 11am-8pm, Sat 11am-3pm  
The Spiced Apple 443 Gillum Drive 706.278.6009 N        
The Spinning Room  Crown Mill 825 Chattanooga Ave 706.529.8203          
The Sweet Spot Downtown 336 S Hamilton Street 706.529.7768 Y N N 12pm-9pm  
Tijuana’s  Downtown 328 S. Hamilton Street 706.226.4113 Y Y N 11am-9pm  
Western Sizzlin 1212 Cleveland Highway 706.279.1799 N        
Willie’s Burger Shack Downtown 301 W. Emery Street 706.226.1953 Y Y N 10:30am-8:30pm